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Welcome to the Psychic Forums.  Enjoy meeting new spiritual friends and ask questions at our busy forums. When you join the community you are invited to take part in our online chat to enjoy free readings or post messages on the forums to ask psychics questions. Step one is to sign up for our newsletter below and you will receive an email whenever free psychic readings are to take place online. The forum newsletter usually goes out weekly and we never share your details with third parties.

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We have a number of psychic forums based around our main community website. This one is primarily designed so that you can post your psychic experiences on the forum message boards and get answers from some of our visiting experts.

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The same rules apply as per our main site so posts may be deleted or modified so that we can preserve the integrity of this forum. Please do not post links to other websites. We are a little lighter on the rules about content here but nonetheless please keep on topic.   If you have come here directly from the internet you may also enjoy visiting our chat rooms and the teaching forums. You can find all of these additional areas by clicking the drop down navigation links at the top of this page.

These forums are for discussion and debate. We ask you to remain on topic and not use these boards for general chit chat. We will remove posts that we consider uninteresting, too short, unfair, flaming or off topic. The psychic forums are not to be used for posting questions about personal issues or asking questions that require clairvoyance or counseling. You can however ask questions about things that are worrying you so long as you use it as a discussion point.

The opinions posted on this forum are not necessarily the opinions of the owners. These Psychic Forums are for entertainment only. Visitors who post should use their own judgment to evaluate the answers given to your posts. We hope you enjoy these new discussion forums and look forward to joining you for some lively online debate.




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